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Human Resources in Kosofe, Lagos

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Description: Subeni Integrated Services is a full services rendered company. We offer services like semina...

Description: Kristina Jade & Company is a learning solutions company providing training and training s...

Description: Magnesium's recruitment process includes analyzing the requirements of a job, attrac...

Description: Folument Nigeria Limited is located in Ketu, Kosofe, Lagos. Our company is mainly into Civil Engine

Description: DriversNg is an indigenous drivers outsourcing and recruitment company based in Lagos Nigeria

Description: One Network is a structured agent management organization recognized by the CBN of Nigeria and base

Description: Iweha Maketing Services is located in Gbagada, Kosofe, Lagos. Our company is mainly into Human Reso

Description: Emmaben30 concepts is a personal development company that also provides services in the area of Web

Description: We engage in data sourcing and analysis

Description: Salt is a private chef agency company. We're passionate about food and we love working with chefs w

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