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  • A patient that had persistent headache came for medical attention in this hospital, he said he had been taking different drug but there is no improvement. The doctor prescribed a drug which she bought and took after few days she was alright.
  • Good news about this hospital is the reason why i decided to be using this hospital and they never disapoint me,the nurses and doctors are proffessional they always work towards puting smile on people's face.
  • This have professional and friendly doctor,their nurses and other staff are also nice .They gave VIP treatment when i was admited because stomarch pain at this hospital, and they make sure that they put an end to my stomarch pain.
  • Sunview Hotel is a great place really large rooms great place to unwind after a long day. The staff was great very helpful and made my check in and checkout painless, lots of things to do on the hotel pool and other stuff that I did not have time to do. This is fine and is really different than any other hotel. The staffs are good at their job.

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