Data Gathering Officer(DGO)


  • Who is a Data Gathering Officer?

    Data Gathering Officers are freelancers not direct employees of VConnect. The responsibility of a DGO is very simple; going to the market; search for SME businesses in there Locality/Local Government and register the businesses collected via our WAP services and can earn handsome money.

  • How do I become VC DGO?

    You can become VC DGO anytime by registering as a user on, visit, login to you profile, Click on "REGISTER BUSINESS" tab, select "BE A DATA GATHERING OFFICER (DGO)" tab. Fill the details and click the submit button.

  • How much can I earn and How do I get Paid ?

    • VC DGO will be given 50 NGN fixed / verified business.

    • VC DGO will be able to cash out their earned money once they earn atleast 1000 NGN

    • Once you become registered as VC DGO you will receive an AUTHORIZATION LETTER from VConnect within 24hours

  • What is the limit of earning & Data?

    • There is no limit to earning and data. Sky is the limit. See the illustration how much you can earn.

  • Particulars
    Business Status
    No. of Business Added / Day
    Total Business Approved
    Total Earning NGN
  • You can check- business addition count, your earning, payment details and all other details in your dashboard.

  • Important: Agents should not copy details from other sites or directories as defaulters will be held liable to the offence chargeable by the law court of Nigeria.